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    When it comers to drums I have been lucky enough to play just about every possible drum kit available. When it came to choosing what drums would support my sound it was easy to come to a decision. Trick Drums U.S.A. might just be the best kept secret for serious professional drummers. The instruments they create are second to none. Designed with intention is what comes to mind, built for the player, not the bean counter. Not only do I exclusively play Trick Drums, but I also play their Pro1V Kick pedals, and Pro1V Hi hat stands. I have played countless gigs on this gear and it has never failed me. Consistent in any situation musically, inspiring beyond description.

    I have been an artist endorser for Amedia Cymbals USA for nearly 10 years. Many drummers spend their lives searching for that perfect cymbal sound. For me, This starts with being handmade, by the people that have been making them for generations. Amedia is a family business based in Istanbul, Turkey. They have generations of members that have been making cymbals longer than I have been on earth. This deep connection to creating the sound Amedia has is second to none. They can make ANYTHING and it will sound amazing. They cover every possible color of the cymbal spectrum, and with the most musical sound I have ever experienced. I frequently work with Amedia at their trade show booths and appreciate being part of #teamamedia

    I wouldn’t be able to make a sound without my good friends at Headhunters Sticks and Creations. Dave Rundle is a fantastic ‘mad scientist’ who creates amazingly musical implements to play drums and other percussion products with. The sticks are well balanced and durable, brushes are top notch, but then you get to the interesting designs like the ‘Dream Catchers’ or the ‘Fat Bastards’. Having an implement that provides a unique and distinct sound gives players and advantage like none other

    Software has been and integral part of my life in both the music industry as well as the film / video production field that I currently spend most of my time in. For music recording and production I Use Presonus Studio One. I started on Logic in the 1990’s but after becoming a Presonus artist years ago they quickly talked me into giving Studio One a try. Its fantastic. Very easy on the computer well designed and functionally perfect for what I do. I highly recommend Studio One for anyone who wants to record audio on their computer. Along with Studio One I use a good number of plugins from IK multimedia. Both instruments and effects.

    For Video I use Both Final Cut Pro and Blackmagic Davinci Resolve. I have used FCPX forever and Davinci has some really amazing and unique features. I also use Pixel Film Studios plugins with final cut. Live video I use Blackmagic switchers and cameras.