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I Started Playing Drums

After first trying violin in the 4th grade I had finally found my calling with the drums. My elementary music teacher Ms. Buchannon was an early inspiration who sent me home with the schools loaner pad and sticks to get started. It was the first time in my life where I felt like I had something I was supposed to do.



Started Playing Jazz

Mr. Obenhouer in middle school exposed me to my first glimpse of jazz, in the form of our stage band. We had no idea what we were doing, but that was ok. I started listening to drummers in a completely different way, mystified at how jazz drummers weren't "keeping a beat" and were randomly placing notes in places to accent the music. I was sold, and this was the beginning of a great journey.



Started As A Freelance Musician

After moving back to Washington I quickly realized that I needed to be playing music. It wasn't long before I was networked in with some great players and working the Seattle area for the next 12 years.



Started Learning About Production

Recording to be more accurate.... I had been recording myself and others since the 4th grade. using 4 track Tascam machines, Learning to sequence synths and program drum machines was my childhood. Moving into adulthood it was all about DAWs and ADAT. Digital recording was being born for the masses.



Going to California......

I moved to Sacramento in 2004 and started networking with musicians and manufacturers. Started a YouTube Channel and focused on production. Since then I have managed to gig and record at every given opportunity, while producing media for manufacturers and local clients.

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